A small tribute to my prom Girls*

Sunday, September 13, 2009

There is one part of my business that has a piece of my heart...It is what drove me to speed up my career and get into the wonderful field of Hairdressing! I don't know whether it is the time of year, the fact that it is the last school dance, the youth and beauty of the girls, or the innocence at heart of all of these yooung girls; I really cannot pin point what it is about prom season, but it is one of my favorite times of the year! It takes me back in time to my youth, and all I can remember is how much fun those days were! Going shopping for the perfect dress, and then looking through magazines for the perfect look...Then the day came when I went to my hairstylist aka "fairy godmother" and she performed her miracle work on me :) I will never forget the way she made me feel everytime she got me ready for an occassion. Its one of the strongest feelings I have ever felt, and it is what drives me to attain the utmost perfection when I am at work, "working my magic" on all of these young ladies trying to make each and every one of them feel the way I did. Its been a long time coming...I finally collected a few of my favorites from this past year....

Lindsays Baby Bump*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Over the years I have become good friends with Lindsay. We've seen eachother grow up, finish school, get engaged, she got married, and now she is soon to be expecting her first little one. As Alicia said, this mom is a natural "born to be mom" kind of girls! Yup its true! She is due in just two weeks! I cant stand it anymore! I can't wait to see the little guy! Well along with these little blessings I have the privelage to get these gorgeous mommy 2 be's ready for their pregnancy shoots! The more I do them the more I love it! Why do I love it so's why...because they are obviously already bigger than their usual self cuz they are carying a baby! So...being bigger usually doesnt ever make us ladies feel better...even though they have people telling them "ooohh you look so good", they are just going "uh huh ya right in their heads."....Until!...that is the hair and makeup gets done, and they look at themselves and go "I still got it ;) and I can see the confidence and sexiness again! Thats what I love about these shoots! Lindsay you look gorgeous as always...

Sandy, Paul, and Baby Bump!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I cannot believe that the time has come....Sandy is Pregos! She really is....I am still in such shock? I dont know why, I just can't believe that the belly is real, there is a living little girl in there, and we are all going to meet her so soon! I cannot wait to meet her! I am so fortunate to have been part of Sandy and Paul's life together since day one and watch their relationship evolve. First dating, then serious relationship, then fianced, then married, and now they are both going to be parents! I am so happy for the two of them I cant even tell all of you. So this past Sunday Alicia (themoderntype) and I got together for their Baby Bump Shoot! When i got there Paul was playing the role of expecting dad by getting the room ready! Yup he was painting the babys room! Thats kind of when it hit me "holy shit" they are really gonna have this baby! and there was Sandy as cute as can be in her little summer dress and her bump! I got to spend a few hours with both of them while I got Sandra glammed up for her shoot! The two of them did such a good job! I love the way these pics came out! Alicia did yet another amazing job with her artistic vision. Her creativity pops through in these shots! Enjoy!

A june Bride...Christine & Mike

Christine was such a fun bride full of personality! I am so lucky to have shared her special day with her! She loved the way she came out so much so that she has booked me for 4 consistent weddings coming up! So I get to get her ready for all of her friends weddings now! So much fun this girl is, she cracks me up every time I see her! Here are three pics from her wedding!

Kristen .&. Brett Engagement

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have known Kristen since elementary school, and soo happy that she found me and got in contact with me after so many years! she asked me to do her hair and makeup for engagement pics, and I said yes of course! I was thrilled to be able to get her ready for these amazing pictures! ...and now super excited that I will be getting her ready for the big day! Kristen you look gorgeous in these pics! You rocked the hair! I loved the way you moved it around and even put it in a pony for some of the pics! Great Job!

Kristen .&. Brett Engagement


Saturday, June 6, 2009

I cannot believe it has taken me forever to put one of my most exciting jobs up on my blog. About A year ago when I worked for Salon Sessions in Pasadena I went and did a job for Model latina. Model latina is a reality model show on Si Tv. At the time when I did the hair for this show, it was going to be several months until the show aired..Well...time goes by new work presents itself and I guess I kind of forgot about that project. Well it is now 11:44 on Saturday night and as Im flipping through the channels guess what I come across. Yup Model Latina the show! Im so excited to see the footage that I worked on! The girls were hilarious, super sweet and absolutely gorgeous! My favorite was Victoria! She wanted something different to make her stand out so I cut her some bangs and gave her a modern retro braid with a flower for the music video to make her stand out and separate her from the other girls! After all it is a competition so I wanted her to feel like an individual! She loved it! They rocked the shoot! I had a great time touching them up throughout the entire shoot! Check out the music video

Alicia And Steven Have Been Wed* May 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

I haven't looked forward to something like this glamorous day for a long time! Although it was something that I was desperately anticipating, I was at the same time stressfully dreading lol! Not in a bad way; in a good pressured way! Theres nothing like working weddings. Although I am a professional and extremely confident in everything I do when it comes to hair and makeup, BRIDES are another story! They bring out another side of me. Maybe its because I am a girl and i loooove weddings and i think that the way a bride looks on that special day is one of the things she has drempt about since she was seven, So I put all of their hopes, wishes and dreams onto my mind and loose about a week of sleep before getting them ready for that big day! I "no joke" go home once Ive been asked to do the job and start daydreaming, and nightdreaming about what will be the vision for that bride. Everyone has their own look. Their own special features, how do i make the good ones look great, and the bad ones "hide out"? How do I make the bride speechless when she looks in the mirror? How do I get everyones Jaw drop the minute she walks in the door? How do I get the groom to tear up the minute he sets eyes on her?
All of these things are running through my mind the minute i get the job to do a bride! So At the end of the day although it is the most stressful assignment, it is also the most rewarding! To know that I made a young womans dreams come true, and made her feel like a hollywood moviestar/ queen of the day! There is no money in the world that can give me those feelings of satisfaction! So with that said, I need to say Thank you to my good friend, photographer, and this time Bride, Alicia Landin for taking my work and expertise to the 10th power and looking absolutely flawless last Saturday and being one of the most beautiful brides I will ever lay my little hands on! Check her out everyone here she is...

please click on images to englarge and get a closer look!

What I loved most about Alicia was how many different looks she expressed! First down, big with a vintage birdcage veil. Look Number two was down with lace mantilla, and then my favorite thing to do is to change the bride for her grand entrance! Alicia chose an elegant loose romantic style with a custom made couture flower! I loved all of it! So much fun!